The SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC funded by professionals with vision in, Innovation and Know how...

SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC: fast and efficient service

Whether it concerns road transport, sea freight, airfreight, rail or a combination thereof - we arrange it. Together with our global network we are able to manage your logistics and handling in a fast and efficient manner, without any language barriers!

We are the premier professional organization for transportation and logistics based in the West South Balkan Gateway, Port of Igoumenitsa . Founded in 2010 by industry leaders and a merger of knowhow, SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC strives to ensure the highest level of global standards through professional network and human force in the field of transportation and logistics.

SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC is chartered with driving the skills and workforce development agenda across the entire transport and logistics industry which encompasses activities in road transport, warehousing, rail, aviation, maritime, logistics and ports.


SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC mission is to advance and facilitate efficiency in the fields of transportation, logistics, and supply chain management. SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC, contractors of shippers, carriers, consultants, and third-party logistics individuals are dedicated to continuing in efficiency and committed to the professional standards in the industry.


The logistics and warehousing sector is an integral part of world’s supply chain, and which is becoming more integrated, transparent, and accountable and agile.The vision of SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC is to be the leader in transportation and logistics and the main Gateway of the Balkans, keeping in mind that:

  • Road transport is the predominant mode for moving freight around Europe. It is a vital link in the increasingly complex logistics chains that take freight to ports and terminals and distribute urban freight between warehouses and retail outlets.
  • Demand for freight transport services continues to grow steadily, both within the Balkans and between urban areas. With Balkans population continuing to increase, the role of rail in addressing the challenges of increasing congestion, growth in demand for freight services and the need to decrease carbon emissions will remain central.
  • Balkan is a mixture of nation’s and depends on a safe, efficient and environmentally sustainable maritime sector for its national productivity. Around 25 percent of the domestic freight task is carried by ships, with this number set to increase over the coming years.
  • The aviation sector underpins Balkans business. It has five main components: domestic commercial aviation, international commercial aviation, general aviation, air-freight transport and aviation support infrastructure.
  • Port performance and land-side logistics chains are critical to facilitate innovation, productivity gains and economic growth in Balkans. Port operations need a highly skilled and flexible workforce that can meet the requirements of a time-sensitive integrated logistics system.

SLM Multimodal Terminal SMPC funded by professionals with vision in, Innovation and Know how.